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The Story:

You know what a screwdriver is and what you can use it for. And you probably have many of them in your toolbox - in different sizes and types. Probably you also have a box with many different screwdriving bits. What you don't have, is the one screwdriver you can have always with you, small as a pen or keychain and contains multiple bits with more functions and combination possibilities than you first can think of. It is not designed to replace screwdrivers, it extends them and other tools too.
The biggest benefit? Portability! Its simple design allows the smallest size for all what it can be used for. No useless parts which makes it bulky or complicated in using it. Still, if you need more force for screwing, combine it through the sideways hole to get a longer shaft. Also you can attach a wrench or ratchet at the backside 10mm (3/8") hex part to get more lever force. Or combine it with a screwdriver handle. Or extend your bit at your electrical screwdriver. Or extend your ratchet. ...

It is important to use the right screwdriver type. Why? If you don't use the right type you easily damage the screw. It may work to get a screw in or out, but then you mostly need to screw with more force. And the good news for you is, the bitTender is designed to work with (mostly) all standard screwdriver bits - that means that you don't have to buy expensive, special modeled bits with no guarantee for getting a replacement. So, think of all these possibilities which can offer you even just one bitTender. One bitTender is able to store two bits in once and can be used as a standard bit holder. Use a single bitTender on your keychain, backpack, or jacket with your favorite bit to have both always with you.
For your interest: We already tried a Kickstarter campaign, but we couldn't reach our goal. At the moment we are restructuring our plans and we also have planned to try it again with a new version. So if you are interested in the new version, stay up to date. You can contact us that you are interested and we will keep you up to date ;)
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This new tool offers you advanced possibilities for everyday and professional use.
It is lightweight and handy, in the size of a keychain or pen, with multifunctional uses
and it is perfect for carrying in your daily work environment.

Screw, Combine, Extend

Its most important function is of course screwing. It can be used for manually screwing by hand, in combination with other hand screwing tools as ratchets or as a common bit holder for electric screwdriver. This allows him to be used by nearly everyone – from homeworkers to professional craftsmen.
From both sides and sideways a bit can be inserted. When the bit is inserted sideways, the form offers more force to screw with. Combined with additional bits and bitTender, a longer shaft can be formed for a bit extension or more lever force. That's actually where the name is from - bit(ex)tender.
Mostly all available standard screwdriver bits fit into the bitTender. So you don't need to buy specific and expensive bits - even better, you can easily use the bits you already have in your toolbox at home. When using the bitTender with an electric screwdriver, it can be fixed with an inserted bit or directly with the outer hex formed part.
To offer even more possibilities in its use, the outside hex form with a 10 mm (3/8 inch) size offers to connect the bitTender with wrenches and through a socket also with ratchets. The longer (back side) insertion even fit in a “double head” bit. So you can use also those - which by the way gives you even one more bit head on the way ;).

Store your most needed bits at one place and stay organized

Don’t mess around with a bunch of bits or a toolbox and your work trousers full of screwdrivers in different sizes and lengths. The bitTender holds your bits in one place and reduces the needs of many different screwdrivers. To see quickly which bits are inserted in the bitTender, the side hex hole is positioned to see the front bit head. Easily look for the inserted bits and rearrange your bitTender combination to the one you need with the bit you need.

Lightweight and strong for daily carrying and use

The minimal design without any useless parts results in the its low weight and small size. You can decide, how many bitTender parts and bits you combine to take on your tour. The bitTender is made of steel, like mostly all common tools. Therefore, it is strong enough for likely all screwing jobs you can use it for. To protect the bitTender against influences like scratches and rust, it is coated with chrome!
All Kits come with a clip to hold the bitTender save for daily carrying. Like you are used to it from pencils, the bitTender can be clipped to every different place – from clothes, bags, boxes, keyrings, notebooks, and so on. Before the bitTender, bits were carried in unpractical boxes or in the handle of oversized screwdrivers – now you can have them in a pen-sized tool for daily carrying while the tool is a multifunctional screwdriver and bit holder itself.
Inside of a bitTender is a neodymium magnet, which holds the bits at their place. As the inside magnet is positioned next to the side hex hole, it also holds the sideways inserted bit. So, it will not fall apart while carrying and using it.

Why is it different to other Multi-Tools?

Made in Slovenia!

"We don't want just to replace tools, we want to extend them and their uses."

by the bitTender-Team


The bitTender offers you a huge amount of application possibilities. Starting from using as a common bit holder with your electrical drill up to combine it with more bitTender to store and carry your favorite screwdriver bits. Also, you can use it in different combinations for manually screwing or in use with other common tools from your toolbox as ratchets and wrenches.
Even a single bitTender can offer you many application possibilities. Of course, you can use it instead of your standard bit holder.

But it also offers you to store up to two standard bits (also one double side bit possible) to carry them in your tool box or at your key chain, backpack, jacket,... Also, you can use it already for manually screwing in many cases and if you need more force, just add a long bit or a standard bit holder out of your tool box.
If you want to buy one, just contact us by mail or use our contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.
For your interest: We already tried a Kickstarter campaign, but we couldn't reach our goal. At the moment we are restructuring our plans and we also have planned to try it again with a new version. So if you are interested in the new version, stay up to date. You can contact us that you are interested and we will keep you up to date ;)   Previous Kickstarter Page
Whether you need the bitTender for your domestic Workshop, for your company or for a special business partner present – there are different reason for a large ordering quantity. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We then will try to find a price and maybe even different combinations or accessories (e.g. different bits) to suit your needs.
In a production, there are always tolerances and because of this, the gap is a normal result. We even developed it with a small gap, as if they wouldn't have the inserted bit may have not a complete contact to the magnet and wouldn’t hold two bitTender properly together.
Still, we try to minimize this as much as possible. Nevertheless, this gap is no problem and doesn’t indicate bad quality;)
Shipping a new clip to you is quite cost intensive. But you are free to contact us!

But we have even a better tip for you: Look at your desk or ask around for a normal pen, which often have clips like this ;) In the best case, you will find one. For our first prototypes, we also used a just a clip from a pen.
  • Never use the tool in unusual cases which it is not designed for. It can result into damages and injuries.
  • Do not use the tool in electrical environment.
  • Never insert bits and similar in the side hole while using in combination with fast rotation, for example with electrical drills.
  • Do not grind or weld the tool to modify their aspect.
  • Use appropriate tools in combination with the tool of this product. Follow their instructions in addition.
  • Choose your screwdriver bit according to the screw type and its dimensions.
  • Never put your hands near the screw head when tightening.
  • A screwdriver must be used as a screwdriver: Do not use it as a chisel, hammer, lever, or punch.
  • Too much force can damage the product and can cause injuries.
  • All users must take further protection according to their work requirements and to their country’s regulations.
  • The product contains small pieces. Keep away from Kids.
  • Bits can be sharp. Be careful while carrying around the tool with inserted bits.

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